Dreaming Tree Soapworks and the series of unfortunate events.

Posted by Meghan Young on 5th Mar 2017

As much as we would like, the world is not always full of happy stories. I say this because this story is not a happy one. If you want to read something pleasant, turn away now. Close this window and go read something delightful, one full of cosmic justice and happy endings. But if you want the truth, continue on with this warning: things are not going to end well.

Supply chains can be fickle things, and this year is proving no exception. In this case, supply chains include not only my suppliers, but their suppliers as well. One of the major producers of soy wax, necessary in my candles and melts, has claimed to have lost their factory. Now, whether they have lost the ability to use it or have simply misplaced it, I cannot say. What I can say it that it has caused my suppliers to have a great deal of difficulty keeping soy wax stocked. In addition, those suppliers who live in the Rockies or the Pacific Northwest have been inundated by bad weather. I'd like to stop the story here to suggest that you can, if you like, imagine that this has caused me no problems whatsoever and everything is just fine. The truth is, these events have made it very difficult to obtain soy wax and many other ingredients at this time.

Now, you may think this is an overwrought way to simply say that candles and soy melts may take longer to be stocked. It's probably best that you do, because if you don't think that and read on, you'll see the story gets worse. A large number of fragrance oil suppliers have also started the year by closing their doors. I have been reduced to just a handful at this point, and most of them are experiencing the aforementioned adverse weather conditions.

This tale of woe does not conclude there. The workshop has experienced some equipment failure as well, including a spectacular event involving a mixer turning itself on and blowing itself up and out. In addition, a great deal of work on the website will have to be done to update it in light of repeated unsuccessful attempts by Russian hackers to gain access. Updating the website will make sure future attempts are unsuccessful, but that will involve a great deal of extra effort and research at a time when I am busy trying to restock shelves.

And so there you have it. No happy ending, no delightful metaphor to wrap up this particular story. A lot of things have transpired to cause a great deal of inconvenience and difficulty. Now had Dreaming Tree Soapworks been a company of many these fires would be easy to expediently extinguish, but alas I am but one. If you have read to this point, I respect your fortitude, and I hope you will be patient as I attempt to turn this sad tale into a happier one in the weeks ahead. Orders placed while we have been closed will go out shortly. I expect to be able to fully reopen by March 3, barring any further disaster. I will continue to process orders as I can for ready made stock.


In the beginning of the year I had alluded to some changes and product discontinuations to streamline operations. In light of the mess the year has started out being I've made some decisions:

1. Effective as soon as supplies run out, Nature's Cauldron Magic Stick Body Balms will be discontinued. There's less than a dozen of these left so if you love them please stock up. Even though I love the formula my Silken Reverie Lotion outsells them six to one, I can't justify keeping them.


2. Given the disaster with soy wax manufactures it is very likely I will have to reformulate my wax blend. With a very large scent catalog testing new blends in wax for performance and throw is going to be inordinately time consuming. Given the seasonal down swing in online candle sales in Spring and Summer in favor of soy melts and the reformulation time I'm going to make soy candles part of the fall and winter line only. I have a small selection of candles premade now I am going to photograph them individually and put them on the website over the weekend. It is likely that this will be last chance for many of them.  

I know it seems I only blog when there's bad news it's the best way to relay all the details without having to repeat myself constantly so I don't forget something. A lot of companies keep quiet when things out of their control go horribly wrong, duck and cover, give vague answers, or change things and don't tell you until you already have the product (sometimes not always for the better). I feel that being honest and open about these issues small manufacturing/maker businesses run into is important, it's part of the whole hey there's a real (singular) human running things aspect that is so important to me. 

 In the coming weeks I'll be blogging about much cheerier subjects. I thought since I have so many new dreamers I'd do a blog post re-introducing myself and answering some non-soapy related questions. A blogging "Meet the Maker"!  If you have some questions for me please leave them here I'd be happy to answer them in the next blog post (provided they are, ya know not inappropriate)!