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Help me out! How do you want to interact and keep up with Dreaming Tree Soapworks?

Posted by Meghan Young on 5th Mar 2017

Maybe you wonderful dreamers can help me out. I'm trying to figure out the best way to reach you with all the goodies and goings on. Facebook has removed us from your feed. I tried playing by their rules and put in a significant investment and our posts were still only seen by 1% of those who chose to follow us. I'm not giving them anymore money. So if you want to see our posts make sure you, like, follow, interact, share and have "get notifications selected" and add Dreaming Tree Soapworks to your interest list. I do have the option of creating a Dreaming Tree Soapworks fan group, but I'm hesitant to invest anymore time, energy, or money into Facebook unless you my dreamers want a group to interact with me and each other. But you HAVE TO LET ME KNOW!

Want to know what I'm up to, see how stuff's made, have a say in what is made? The best place to go is going to be Dreaming Tree's blog--bookmark us here:

There's very little production stuff there right now but that will be changing since my supplies have finally come in and I've finally gotten the workshop warm enough to work (it's been very cold in PA of late and the workshop has had little to no heat---well until I sorta fixed it but that was a long project). I'll be showing pictures of soap and other products in progress, sneak peeks of new things, talking about awesome ingredients I use and answering questions as you guys send them in!

For Sales, events, and restocks you want to make sure you're signed up or stay signed for the Dreaming Tree newsletter here: I promise not to clutter your email it's usually for good stuff. P.S There's a ton of sales goodies here that are going to be taken down off the website in a week or so. I don't mark stuff down often and NEVER this cheap so take advantage while you can!

As a small company in an industry filled with giants of questionable morals, the one thing I have that they don't is that I'm small, nimble with an endless passion to experiment and create. I want to make what excites you and what excites me, with awesome, healthy, responsibly sourced ingredients. I don't have share holders or partners, the only people I have to answer to is you my fans and customers-- my dreamers and my own moral compass. But, to make all that bath and body magic that YOU want and YOU love I have to be able to reach and interact with you--or else I may go on a wild tangent and make patchouli lavender ALL THE THINGS (which is really all I need in my life)!!! So ya know...get back to--I mean stalk me.