​What happened to Spring?!!

Posted by Meghan Young on 5th Mar 2017

Well in PA Fall was more like Spring, and this Spring has turned into more fall...that means I can just move on to Fall collections right?! Right?! No, I didn't think so. Hey I can try right?

OH the Spring collection you say? Well there's a story about that. Sadly it's not fairy tale with a happy ending. Sit down, have a cup of tea, and I'll tell you how veteran soap Witch lost her magic.

The conjuration of every new Dreaming Tree collection starts MONTHS before it is ever released. I usually do some research, pick a theme, consult my spell books, pick some correspondences, and then I summon (I mean order) a bunch of new supplies to work my magic.

Always in small batches to start, to experiment, to blend, let waft around under peoples noses. After I decide 90% of what I just made is complete hogwash, I test the remaining 10% in soap. ALWAYS soap first! Why? Because it's the most volatile and changeable product I make. There's a lot that can go wrong with scents in soap! Soap takes a good month to cure (be ready to use) and usually about half of what makes it to soap testing fails by this point because either the scent has faded or morphed into something unpleasant in the soap. What passes gets presented to wholesalers first (they need their product before retail release) and based on what they order it's components are ordered in a larger quantity and put into production.

That's how it's worked for seven years without an issue. Until now. Over the years I've seen a lot of suppliers come and go, and it's pretty rare of me to get a majority of a seasons supplies from one supplier. It wasn't planned this way but for whatever reason the Spring/Summer releases relied on one in particular who with almost no notice decided to change their business model and would no longer be carrying the components. No email, no newsletter, nothing ahead of time. Not even a notice on the top of the website. No last chance, get it now. I found out on another business message board what was going on.

I now had no access to the components for collections I had spent months developing, and creating new art for. I had just enough on hand to fulfill the wholesale orders I had already taken. And then nothing.

I didn't handle it well. Months of work just *poof* into the abyss. With no time to start over. I couldn't quite figure out what exactly to say or do about it. I just had to walk away from DTS related stuff. I lost my inspiration, and alas my magic.

I hung shelves, I cleaned, I fixed things, consulted the oracle, read tarot cards, pruned trees, painted, gardened, hammered things into hard ground for three hours. Still nothing.

As an stop gap to try and keep everyone happy I revised and expanded DTS's Familiar Fairy Tales (General Catalog) that just happened to include some scents that are springy and fresh in their own right! Get your spring bath magic fix with Bertie's Magic Jelly BeansPersephoneMidnight Garden! Also the Soy Melts and Candles scent list has been revised with lots of goodies like Sherbet Lemon, and Dark and Stormy.

And that my dear dreamers is what happened to Spring and my magic.

I know everyone is always so excited for new Dreaming Tree collections and I feel like I let everyone down even though this was largely out of my control and do to another's poor business practices. I'm hoping to regroup and have some new goodies soon.

Thanks for your support and if you happen to find my inspiration or magic, please send it my way!