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What's brewing in the sanctum Part 2...

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Welcome back for another peek into what's brewing in the Sanctum!. Go ahead and get comfy at your keyhole :)

Something sweet, pink and honeyed.

Much beloved Bombadil will be back! Lemon cake and blue berry jam. One of my foodie favorites. He had a little bit of a reformulation, the honey strawberry gluten free beer that I used last year isn't available yet this year and there was some people upset that this very popular blend was not vegan. This years batch I used my usual gluten free beer so once I re-open Bombadil soap will be vegan.

Something inspired by Beauty and the Beast... Before every production run I read my oracle cards to see if I'm heading in the right path or what I need to do to keep my inspiration levels high. This time it said I needed to go back to my childhood for inspiration and there's nothing I love more from my childhood until today more than Disney. Dreaming Tree is inspired by the realms of dreams, myths and faerie tales so why wouldn't Disney be a part of that? There will be more popping up here or there that is Disney inspired. 

We're also going back to Middle Earth. This is a new blend with an old name. I can't shake it. In my dreams I'm always in Middle Earth. I'm a hobbit at heart and every day I look at Hobbiton Tours instagram to watch the seasons change; it's just where my heart wants to be. So there will always be a bunch of Tolkien inspired soaps at Dreaming Tree.

Fizzy Lifting Drink. It's probably one of my most magical soaps. Not because it's filled with herbs or anything like that. But because I've captured the smell and feeling of fizzy bubbles within it. It's also so bright my camera freaks out every time I try to take pictures of it. This time I've left the poppy seeds out some people found them a little too scratchy,

Lady of the Lake. There's always one soap in a day that just refuses to behave. She still came out very pretty and what was lacking is made up by glitter and smelling incredible. This soap is another one of those soaps that this is the VERY last batch. I finally used up the last of my hoard in order to honor this great blend and then let it go. Don't miss this one once I open!

Last week was a total production wash between setting up the "One last goodbye" pre-orders and repairing our main bathroom. Sometimes life happens and if you don't have a lot of money you have to put the time in instead. This week I'll be working on more soaps, a special smudge soap in cute goddess and witchy shapes among some restocks and of course new things. This run of production is a little bit of nostalgia. I'm making a lot of things that are really old recipes and blends that haven't been around for years and these will be their last batches (aside from the pre-orders). Really trying to clear out the sanctum and finally ditch suppliers that are a pain in my butt. There's so much new to make I don't want to keep going back. Next week I'll be on to new bubble bars. Any requests?

So the big question on everyone's mind is, when am I re-opening proper? I'm thinking mid May right now. I have so much to do and I can't count on my energy levels from day to day to judge how long it takes me. I'll be vending an event in late May, so when I do re-open I want to make sure there's enough stock for the website and the event. It's a lot of work and I'm just one woman!

I'll give more details as things go along, thanks for reading!!

Oh! Don't forget the "once last goodbye" Pre order ends Wednesday! So if you love Under the Lemon Moon, Bewitched, and Dark and Stormy this is your last chance EVER to get them in bath and body goodies. Click Here to order!

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