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Votings Over. We have a winner!

Since I'm about to begin soap production I decided to close voting on the returning Once Upon a Dream scent. And *insert drum roll* we have a tie between Full Moon and Pendragon. So I decided to solve it highly scientifically with a coin toss. You can view the video here: Tie breaker videoThere ya' have [...]

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You choose what returns! VOTE NOW!

Hello again, the supplies are FINALLY in and I've gotten enough heat into the workshop to actually work! I have SO MANY IDEAS! So many-- for new exciting scents and products, 26 pages worth of notes exactly. But, last fall I asked you dreamers what you prefer, totally new stuff each season or a mix [...]

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A long winter's nap...

It's been an amazingly quiet and peaceful winter break for me. This year, I did something I've never done while Dreaming Tree was closed...not work on Dreaming Tree. The first part of the break it wasn't by choice-- I was too unwell and barely able to manage getting the last of the holiday orders out on time. By the [...]

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Holidays at Dreaming Tree House.

Hello once again and welcome! It's been a long time since Dreaming Tree has had a blog and it's about time I get back to it! As the time goes by we'll be sharing with you useful info about our products, new fairy tales, inspiration, a bit of production, maybe even some yummy gluten free recipes we use, and whatever [...]

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The Winter Festival. Our very own winter fairytale!

By Meghan and Thomas Young ©2014Once upon a time, in a land of eternal winter, the Winter Solstice drew near again, and spirits where high throughout the snowy kingdom of Winterwood. The time had finally come for the Snow Queen to descend from her icy palace and announce the night of the solstice winter festival and [...]

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