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Branch & Root Blog

What's brewing in the sanctum Part 2...

Posted by Meghan Young on 17th Apr 2017

Welcome back for another peek into what's brewing in the Sanctum!. Go ahead and get comfy at your keyhole :)Something sweet, pink and honeyed.Much beloved Bombadil will be back! Lemon cake and blue b … read more

Tapping into that Moon Magic Pt 1: Strawberry Mead Moon

Posted by Meghan Young on 5th Mar 2017

The first full moon of each month has a name. Junes first full moon has several. It is sometimes known as the Strawberry Moon, Honey Moon, or Mead Moon The name Strawberry Moon came forth because it w … read more

A long winter's nap...

Posted by Meghan Young on 5th Mar 2017

It's been an amazingly quiet and peaceful winter break for me. This year, I did something I've never done while Dreaming Tree was closed...not work on Dreaming Tree. The first part of the break it w … read more