What's brewing in the sanctum Part 1...

Posted by Meghan Young on 3rd Apr 2017

A few weeks ago I closed the website rather unexpectedly. Not for anything bad, and I'm not closed permanently so fear not. I just got bought out of all the made inventory. There was so much to make that I couldn't possibly keep the website open for made to order items and work on restocking congruently. At first I panicked a bit "the Oh no I have to start restocking from the beginning THEN I can get to new stuff" which makes me creatively chafe and get frustrated because there are so many new products and scents that I've dreamed up , formulated that keep getting pushed back to "after I restock" and I am forever restocking. So this time since I was closing anyway I decided I'm just going to start with the new instead and get to restocks later which feels like a thousand pound gorilla off my shoulders and I'm having a lot of creative fun.

You would think after as long as I've been making soap (17-18 years now) it'd be super easy for me to write blog posts about making soap. It's not.

You see creation is a very personal thing for me. I create in the dead hours, the quiet hours, while you and the rest of the world sleep..yep even my husband. This is when I do my best work. It just becomes this amazing thing, me in the wee hours, music, and whatever my means of creation for the night. No notifications, phone calls, interruptions. Just me and work and that's how I like it. I've never worked well with others and that's not about to change anytime soon. I can't seem to make myself work during the day time even with just my husband around. It just wrecks my funky flow. Production becomes a sacred ritual and even though it's just me taking the pictures a camera feels like an intrusion.

I did a video on how I make soap last fall and I was just so off my game doing it... soaping with company during daylight, without my music ...it was way out of my comfort zone and definitely not my thing. The video did come out pretty good despite it and if you're curious you can click here to watch it.

So pretend with me, if you will, that you are the sorcerer's apprentice peaking through the keyhole in the door of their sanctum, where you are not allowed, and this is what you see that they had worked on throughout the night.

While technically restocks I started production with some personal favorites.


Candle making and testing

Reformulated Jolly Roger

Dark Goddess, look at how she changes through the process!

Misty Mountain, my favorite forever. I sometimes even use this one as a shampoo.

Queen Bee as pretty as can be! I love honey soaps so, so much.

There you have part one on what's brewing in the sanctum! There is just so, so, so much I've been working on and pictures I only have a bit of time to work on getting them edited and my gardens are calling my name. I hope you enjoyed this little peak. Part 2 will be soon and by then I might have a re-opening date in mind!