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Branch & Root Blog

Tapping into that Moon Magic Pt 1: Strawberry Mead Moon

Posted by Meghan Young on 5th Mar 2017

The first full moon of each month has a name. Junes first full moon has several. It is sometimes known as the Strawberry Moon, Honey Moon, or Mead Moon The name Strawberry Moon came forth because it w … read more

Glitter fixes everything right?

Posted by Meghan Young on 5th Mar 2017

I've been elbows deep into soap production with the lye burns to prove it. Many soaps have been out for a long time, and what I'm not out of, I'm low on. This year I'm adding quite a few more scen … read more

Votings Over. We have a winner!

Posted by Meghan Young on 5th Mar 2017

Since I'm about to begin soap production I decided to close voting on the returning Once Upon a Dream scent. And *insert drum roll* we have a tie between Full Moon and Pendragon. So I decided to solve … read more

You choose what returns! VOTE NOW!

Posted by Meghan Young on 5th Mar 2017

Hello again, the supplies are FINALLY in and I've gotten enough heat into the workshop to actually work! I have SO MANY IDEAS! So many-- for new exciting scents and products, 26 pages worth of notes e … read more