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Iron Beard Beard Grooming Oil


Product Description

Enriched with skin and hair healthy blend of organic argan, jojoba, hemp seed, coconut oils, enriched with soothing botanical extracts. Battles beard dandruff (beardruff), dry skin, encourages healthy growth, and tames wild beast manes. May your beards grow mighty and meet your belt!

Before You Begin
• The best time to apply is after a hot shower, when your hairs are cleanest and softest; this is when they will most easily absorb the oils.
• Dry your beard completely before applying any oil. Water will prevent the oil from being absorbed.

Beard Oil application:

  1. Put 2-3 drops of oil in your palms. ...
  2. Spread it evenly in your palms and fingers.
  3. Once the oil is distributed, brush your palms along the sides of your beard.
  4. Do the same down the front.
  5. Then bring both hands up through the bottom of your beard.
  6. Use your fingertips to coat the hairs on your mustache.
  7. Use a comb to evenly distribute the oil while setting the hairs back in place.
  8. Repeat this process once daily to keep your beard soft and conditioned.
  9. If your beard is longer and mightier you may need to add a few more drops!
Available in the following scents (these are lightly scented not as strong as our aromatic elixirs etc):
DunedainThe men of the Great Northern forest hold a proud heritage dating back to time immemorial. The folks of Bree always say these rangers bear the scent of the wild woods, tempered with the dark and sweet incense of old. This is perfect for those with a love of the rugged outdoors, who blaze new trails and keep old ones clear.
Fangorn Forest:  An adventure into woods so old the trees seem to move and whisper; the smell of deep old woods mingled something warm and mysterious. 
Greenman: The guardian of the forest and the man of the woods. His eyes of amber and moss, his appearance at one with the green woods. Wreathed in a beard of oak leaves, bring the forest with you wherever you go.
Jolly Roger:  A blend of sun scorched woods, plundered spices from the east, with a whisper of greens from far off islands. As much of a gentlemen's favorite as scallywag alike.
Pendragon: As close as you can get to holding a dragon in your hands without risking sharp teeth or a fiery doom. The smell of smoky incense will curl around you, and dragon's blood rich and crimson will surround and intrigue you. Red exotic fruits provide a brightness reminiscent of dragon flame. Here you’ll find the origin of legends.
Tarot: A cult favorite since we've opened! The scent of incense, potions, and some moody magic... reminiscent of our favorite new age store!
Ingredients: Fractionated Coconut Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Argan Oil, Organic Hempseed Oil, Organic Nettle Extract, Organic Calendula Extract, Organic Mallow Extract, Organic Buckthorn Extract, Aloe Extract, Vitamin E, fragrance, Phenoxyethanol (and) Caprylyl Glycol (and) Sorbic Acid (paraben free preservative)
1oz in glass bottle with dropper.

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