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Limited Edition Soy Melts

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The perfect alternative for home scenting and mood making without an open flame

Break off one or two blocks (depending on your scent strength preference), place into melter of your choice (yes our melts are compatible with Scentsy melters), and enjoy!

Clean up is a breeze, remove melting dish and wash in warm soapy water or pour spent wax into a heat safe disposable container, wipe down melting dish with a paper towel and then you're ready for some more. Some scents are only available in melts and not candles, please view the scent list below you may find some surprises!

Enchanting seasonal and limited edition scents. Snatch them up before the dream fades!

Cookie CarouselYou asked for it and you got it! A whirling display of everything sweet, baked and tasty! Notes vanilla, sugar, spices, molasses, buttercream and gingerbread.

Sir TannenbaumWelcome this gallant knight into your home, and he will bring joy and happiness to your season. This bold man-at-arms bears the smells of the deep woods, fresh pines, and Christmas trees. Catch him quick before he rides on!

Cauldron CakesTreats only available on the Honeydukes Express trolley or at Honeydukes Sweetshop in Hogsmeade, their essence is now available to shower you with yumminess! Devils food chocolate glazed cakes stuffed with butter cream toasted marshmallow filling.

Spirit of the SeasonEveryone will be in good cheer with all the smells of the season wrapped up into one package. Sweetness and spice, evergreens, vanilla, and cold night air give a delightful and sophisticated atmosphere.

Kissell - based off a traditional Scandinavian Yuletide treat, Kissel is a blend of sweet sugar pudding,cider, berries and honey.

Bramblebelle Cider- An nontraditional cider if there ever was one---since it was made by the faeries of course! Mulled apples, citrus, lingonberries and sweet maple make this a delightful twist on a traditional scent.

Yuletide MagicCelebrating the magic of the season with this bright, cherry effervescent scent! Notes of yuzu, fizzy bubbles, pomegranate, currants and evergreens make this THE scent of the season.

Caramel Banana Cream Pie- Smooth buttery caramel, creamy banana custard and whipped cream on top! Doesn't get any yummier than this.

Garden of Shadows- The time's come to play, Here in my garden of Shadows." The witch says as she wanders away deeper into the mysterious garden.  In the center of the curiously dark garden is a cauldron smoldering, bubbling over and the smoke surrounds you smelling like the most magical spell of all.Cauldron smoke, black cats whiskers, resinous trees and sweet woods, damp moss, sweet earth and lavender. 

Nevermore- Suitably dark, potentially maddening blend of absinthe, exotic spices, and ancient rich sandalwood to leave you wishing for ‘morrow nevermore.  

Practical Magic- A witch's garden is always full of practical magic! Rosemary is planted by the garden gate, lavender for luck, and clary sage for a fresh clean start or to shake some bad juju. 

The Pumpkin King- our unique creamy dreamy pumpkin spice..hey we like pumpkin in winter too!

Raven's Garland- In the fall and winter the witches of the Garden of Shadows string up garlands in the trees as a reward to their faithful corvidea familiars service throughout the year (also quite festive). It's filled with some of their favorite treats! Plump juicy cranberries, sweet citrus and probably the naughtiest of treats for them-- caramel corn (this is a story...please don't feed the wildlife).  This scent was inspired by suggestions from DTS fans and makes for an incredible cozy cheery scent throughout the dark time of the year (fall/winter).

Wolfmoon: Dark, earthy patchouli and sandalwood, buried in warm spices and a touch of apple. Feel free to howl at the moon!












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  • 5
    Trick or Treat is only a treat--no tricks!

    Posted by Celeste on 13th Nov 2018

    If you want your room to smell like candy or sweets, definitely pick up Trick or Treat! A comforting smell that is reminiscent of carnivals combined with freshly baked goodies.

  • 5

    Posted by Amy on 16th Jan 2014

    Gorgeous scents! I've ordered several now and have been so pleased with all of them. :)

  • 5
    Smells so good I want to eat it!

    Posted by Unknown on 31st Jul 2013

    I love this it smells so good and it's not over kill as some scent bars are. It's sweet and mellow I would totally recommend this.