Welcome to Dreaming Tree Soapworks!

Add wonder to your day and delight your senses with the finest bath, body, and home products around. We hand-make every item from scratch using only the highest quality ingredients. Nearly twenty years of soap-making experience goes into each of our delightful and unique scent blends, making every new item you purchase a new discovery. We put a drop of whimsy and wonder into every creation, so you feel a touch of magic every time you experience our products.

We invite you to explore our selection and let your intuition guide you as you discover new favorite scents. Join us and experience the Dreaming Tree difference! 

Dreaming Tree Soapworks: What you've been dreaming of handmade; naturally!

All of our natural skin care products are lovingly handcrafted by a Master Artisan, using the finest ingredients nature has to offer, for healthy, beautiful, and radiant skin. 

* No Parabens * No Sulfates * No Pre-made Bases * Certified Sustainable Organic Palm Oil * All Handmade * All skin love * Cruelty Free*