Tapping into that Moon Magic Pt 1: Strawberry Mead Moon

Posted by Meghan Young on 5th Mar 2017

The first full moon of each month has a name. Junes first full moon has several. It is sometimes known as the Strawberry Moon, Honey Moon, or Mead Moon The name Strawberry Moon came forth because it was simply when most of the strawberries where ready for picking, The names "Honeymoon" and Mead moon came from that June was and often still is viewed as the most favorable month to marry. The word “honeymoon” refers to marriage’s sweetness, in addition to the European custom of giving newlyweds enough mead to last them a month. 

I'm doing things a little differently, leaving the collection release rat race, going back to doing just what I love a bit of soul soaping as it where, and to a more free flowing creative and release process. It is said that the influence of the full moon's energies can be harnessed the three days before, night of and three days after it reaches its apex. This week I'm tapping into that mojo with an extremely special edition of Strawberry Mead Moon soap!

I'm a little honey, beeswax, mead happy this season so I'm having a blast incorporating it into my new mostly organic soap recipe! This soap was made with a lot of love.

It all starts with some good freakin' mead. I'm not going to lie half the bottle went to me...the other to soap. I infused the mead with a secret blend of rosehips and rose petals (after all in Europe, where strawberries are not native, it's known as the Full Rose Moon) and set to sun to infuse. 

After a while the mixture of mead and herbs is cooked down, strained and cooled to be ready to be used for my liquid portion of the soap.

While the herbs and mead take a number of days to combine I work on the fragrance blend for this soap. I've really been trying to "stretch" soaping blend fragrance boundaries. Good blends are hard to come by since the chemical process of soap making is so hard on fragrances/essential oils. This blend has been totally reformulated from that last time I made this soap many years ago and has over six components just to make the "strawberry" notes. We're not even going to take about the rest. But it's a super yummy summery blend.

It's on to soap. I love this new recipe. it's foundation is dark green, organic, unrefined hempy goodness. It's the incredible hulk of skin care. 

I measure all the skin loving goodness into the soap cauldron to set to melt down. Kinda makes you  want to eat it no? Cool thing is you TOTALLY could. Not going to taste great but at least it's good for you.

Oh hey look! It's all melted. I know exactly how long it takes my oils to melt/ lye to cool per batch size. It's a little scary. I don't even need thermometers anymore, I just "know".

I prep the color for the swirls so it's ready to mix with the soap batter when the time comes.

While I had the oils and butters melting I had added my lye to the herb infused mead. It turns that REALLY dark color because of the amount of sugars in the mead. It just means the soap is going to be awesome.

It's then time to had the gorgeous local wildflower honey and beeswax to the oils! Doesn't it look neat?

I add the mead and lye elixir to the oils, honey and beeswax and start mixing that magic!

Then I mix some soap batter into the mica for swirls!

This is called an in the pot swirl or ITP for all you soaper stalkers. I love swirls you never know how they're going to come out until the soap is cut. Part of the fun!

And in poured into the mold for more swirling (my favorite part). Don't let the pictures fool you, the mold/batches get cut off this is a huge batch.

Don't you just want to stick a spoon in it and eat it?!

Here it is put to bed to do it's alchemical reaction thing for a good 24 hours before meeting the soap chopper.

I snuck a peek at this this morning and it seems to be lightening up in color...but boy does it smell nommy! This beaut will be ready for Midsummer release, I have one more moon magic soap resting that I made last night that I'll blog about tomorrow. If you're in the super secret (not really but let me think so) facebook group here I posted a video of last night's inspiration. Guess it's name or the closest description of what it may smell like (use your imagination) you win a bar. Easy right but ya gotta join us! 

 The last night of the full moon is just for me and my own magic.  What intentions have you set or creative energies have you tapped into lately?