A peek of fall and a light at the end of the tunnel!

3rd Aug 2018

Fall is on it's way!

A few weeks ago on social media we did a vote on the return of a old Dreaming Tree favorite! And you guys almost unanimously voted for the return of The PUMPKIN KING! I'm really happy you guys voted for his return I don't think it would feel like fall to me if I didn't make at least one batch of this Dreaming Tree autumn classic.

While the scent blend has only had a few very small tweaks to the formula over the years he's looked a little different each year.



Which look is your favorite? What will he look like this year? We're just going to have to wait and see.

The Pumpkin King will be part of a new category I'll be introducing upon relaunch; Small Batch Reserve. And will be available in our super luxurious soap and our upcoming reformulated, larger with beautiful hand painted art label soy candles only.

With raw ingredients in aroma components being so unstable right now in both availability and price I kinda have to loosen the reigns on the general catalog and limited edition only concepts. Items that are seasonal will be listed as seasonal limited editions or whatever I title the seasonal collection. Those that I can only acquire and make very small amounts will be called Small Batch Reserve, think of them as extreme limited editions. I actually think dropping “Familiar Fairy Tales and Once Upon a Dream” catalog concepts will make things much simpler for now.

Construction Update:

Good news! I finally started moving everything in yesterday!

It may look like a mess here (and this is only half the shop) but I promise the last two days I've made a ton of progress, there's only like 8,000 more bottles, pigments and ingredients to sort and organize. The more organized I am faster production will go, the sooner I re-launch! I hope to officially start production next week and its a big list since there is no inventory left and be ready to roll out all the soapy goodness late August/ early September. I'm hesitant to give an exact date at this time because so much can happen but you'll know as soon as I know. But it's coming I hope you're starting to get as excited as I am!

Are you ready for fall, how are you getting ready for it? What fall scents are you dreaming of?