Closed for Construction, The Extinction list, and Rebirth..

12th Jun 2018

Whelp the time has come, the post I've been dreading . We've reached the point in construction and repairs that even my alternate space is now unavailable. I'm officially closed for construction. Everything's moved out and packed safely away. Barring any surprises while the work is going on it should be finished at the end of this month. Then a good portion of July will be spent moving everything back in, assembling shelves, getting supplies and setting up. Given that and the time that soap and goodies take to make and cure I'm putting DTS's reopening sometime in the Fall.

The last two years there has been a lot of inner industry instability. Its effected raw ingredients packaging and I felt like a rat on a hamster wheel just trying to keep things going. I've spoke a lot about these things in our last two vlogs (here and here). But I'm tired of holding on and hoping for the best and I'm sure you're all tired of hearing it. So I'm letting stuff go, we're starting over. Below you will find the Endangered, Critically Endangered, and Extinct (discontinued) scents and products. The reasons these are on the lists will be either directly related to supplies or raw ingredient availability or sales. Any product on these lists regardless of status will immediately not be available in wax melts or candles.

Current as of 6/7/17 This list may change as more manufacturers get back to me or the status of the ingredient shortages change, if so I'll make a blog post of updated lists.

Endangered- Blends that I have some of the raw components left may be able to find replacements for-but could also suddenly disappear after reopening.


Wicked Queen



Dark Goddess

Jolly Roger

Critically Endangered- Upon reopening unless something drastic changes, these will be the last batches of these items.

Fizzy Lifting Drink


Bertie's Magic Beans


Cauldron Cakes

Beard Oils

Bubble Brews

Don't panic! By now you should know I wouldn't let go if I didn't have good things up my sleeves! I'll be replacing scents with a scent in the same category as they were; as in if they were a fruity blend, they'll be replaced with a new, different fruity blend. I've always tried to keep a good variety with a little bit for everyone and that hasn't changed. But I do think my blending skills have vastly improved so it will be a good update all around. After sales testing Bubble Brews VS the tub truffles the tub truffles have won by a land slide and that will be the product I continue with. Look forward to all new tub truffles as well as the return of Mermaid Cove! Other new and improved products coming are new scents and designed soy candles and sales testing bath bombs!

It's also come to my attention that the mobile theme of the website isn't as responsive as it could be and the general resolution and design of the website could use updating. I'll be working on that while construction goes on. It's going to be a a fresh shiny new Dreaming Tree Soap works!

What a better time to start over than my favorite season of all?!

It's not just going to be any re-opening, it's going to be a rebirth of sorts. There will be lots of new things, there will be a sale,there will be a giveaway, candles and melts will return..and yes even maybe lotion. I thought it was important to head toward my tenth year in business in a good place, a place of positive force and stability! I hope you're all with me and ready for this!

Lots of love and happy showers!


p.s I have not forgotten about the Q&A video. I'll be working on filming that either during workshop diy projects or when production starts back up so you have something to look at other than my mug.

p.p.s Please like, share, comment, react on whatever forms of social media you're seeing this so I know how to reach you guys. I've tried FB posts with links, without, with pictures, with videos, paid boosted, vlogs instagram no one is seeing ANYTHING. FB/Instagram quoted me $40 dollars a DAY just to reach the people who have liked and followed my pages.