Who's ready for spring; Reopening Update!

Who's ready for spring; Reopening Update!

Posted by Meghan Young on 11th Feb 2020

Who's ready for Spring?

My apologies for being super quiet I have a lot of stuff going on and a lot of behind the scenes problem solving I'm trying to do. In January USPS, UPS, and FedEx all had shipping increases plus mandatory surcharges for shipments over 50lbs (every supply order is over 50lbs so that adds up to a lot of money). To avoid having dramatic price increases I'm working with a few local suppliers to see if they can get me everything I need that is either the same or better quality ingredients (after verifying nothing is tested on animals( and testing them in formulas to ensure they are comparable. This unfortunately takes a lot of time and sadly not everything in thing in the general catalog is going to be able to stay.

So here is what the re-opening timeline is looking like:

This week (2/11/) I have to finish inventory and am waiting for all my shipping supplies to arrive.

Sometime during the week of 2/17 (I'll update this with specific dates when I have them) I will announce all the soaps, scents, and products that are being discontinued. What is being discontinued was decided by using the median sales number, social media requests, and component availability. I will announce the last chance sale and code for these items and re-open the website for 1 week only, this opening will NOT include any restocks. This will also be last chance for winter scents that remain such as Persephone Descending etc. After that week I will close again, so if you need to grab anything for a while that would be the time.

I will re-open fully with restocks and new goodies in Spring on or after March 19th.

Thanks everyone for your patience. I'm looking forward to turning over a fresh,new leaf. All these changes are going to make for a better faster operating Dreaming Tree. Make sure you're signed up for our newsletter so you don't miss the last chance sale and for further updates here!