COVID-19 Shipping Delays and Product Availability

You accept and acknowledge current turnaround time is based on order volume and current health and safety guidelines per the worldwide health crisis is 10-14 business days. This does not include weekends, holidays or transit time to you. USPS may not scan your package and your shipment will likely be delayed due to USPS issues. 

Shipping Delays:

Unsurprisingly USPS is overwhelmed with the amount of packages it has to process during the pandemic therefore contactless product pickup (how we ship out orders now) may take a few extra days after you receive your shipping notice to actually be picked up and scanned by USPS.

Additionally, ship times to you may also take an extra few days. 

Unfortunately, these are all things out of my hands. If we run into to many delays we will look into other options than USPS.


Product Availability and Packaging:

Due to Covid-19 there is a SEVERE packaging shortage. Please expect variations in packaging or labels of products for the foreseeable future. This is the only way we can keep products available. You will still be receiving the same high quality product and quantities.


Due to Covid-19 I have lost many suppliers, and I still have are having replenishment delays with no ETAS for many ingredients and packaging. If a product or scent is not on the website or in a certain format, it is unavailable and I do not have a timeline to bring it back to the catalog. Anything I do have or have a timeline on will be on the website, if it is out of stock and I can restock it it will have a date of the restock in the item listing. Certain products like scrubs and mystic mists have reduced scent options because of severe packaging shortages which I don't think will be resolved until Fall 2021 based on my suppliers info.