Winter Edition Soy Melts

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The perfect alternative for home scenting and mood making without an open flame

Break off one or two blocks (depending on your scent strength preference), place into melter of your choice (yes our melts are compatible with Scentsy melters), and enjoy!

Clean up is a breeze, remove melting dish and wash in warm soapy water or pour spent wax into a heat safe disposable container, wipe down melting dish with a paper towel and then you're ready for some more. Some scents are only available in melts and not candles, please view the scent list below you may find some surprises!

Enchanting seasonal and limited edition scents. Snatch them up before the dream fades!

Apple Trolls: Myths have gotten somethings right...buuttt... others not so much. It's not Elves that help with all the winter holiday tasks and a certain big man with a bag, but a small group forgotten TROLLS. Apple Trolls that is! It could be easy to see how they where mistaken by elves though, they are a little round and do have very rosy little faces. But where they differ from Elves is, its not their ears and feet that are pointy but their noses! Apple Trolls love to help good folk they choose, keep spirits up during the dark half of the year by helping with chores, finding money and other lost things of important, making sure treats bake up extra delicious...and really any way they can get you too look on the bright side all for the low low cost of a glass of hot apple cider (it's where the apple in their kind came from). They are honest folk and value a cozy rest after a hard days work. At the end of the day you'll find them with their glass of sweet apple cider and pipe of cherry pipe tobacco (no smoke/smoking notes more warm and woodsy).

Cookies and Cocoa: Everyone's favorite: Cookies and Cocoa. What can we say about this scent it's exactly as you would imagine! Sweet chocolate chip cookies baked with plenty of butter and brown sugar, and vanilla bean accompanied by a decadently rich mocha cocoa.

Emberwood: Imagine walking through the woods the end of October early November with the cool winds kicking up the scent of the evergreens and the scent of a far off campfire. Green, fresh with a touch of wood and spice.

Falling Leaves: Damp figgy leaves, apples, berries and a touch of woods and spice an warm and inviting to set a festive autumn mood.

First Snow: I've tried to capture the magic of the first snow with this scent! Mystical notes of cold, winter air, white poinsettia, and icecicles hanging off the branches of the old cedar tree.

Sir Tannenbaum: Welcome this gallant knight into your home, and he will bring joy and happiness to your season. This bold man-at-arms bears the smells of the deep woods, fresh pines, and Christmas trees. Catch him quick before he rides on!

Wassailing: Baked pomegranates and spice (cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, and mace), citrus and evergreens. The fire is lit, then they sing and dance in the frosty night, offering good wishes to a fruit tree and slurping from a bowl of carefully brewed spiced alcohol. This is wassailing, a pagan ceremony to bring on the spring. On a normally bitterly cold night in early January, groups of people, often with their faces painted and feathers adorning them, make a procession down alleyways and footpaths to fruit trees to have a riotous party and please the tree spirits. At the centre of the affair is the "wassail cup", a beer or cider cocktail shared by everyone, then there is a toast, offered to the trees.

"Wassaile the trees, that they may beare
You many a Plum and many a Peare:
For more or lesse fruits they will bring,
As you do give them Wassailing."

Winter Hearth: smoky, sweet and toasty warm. Just like curling up under cashmere blankets infront of a crackling fire, roasting chestnuts embodying all the comforts of home!